matlab pause code run while simulink finishes

To pause the execution of MATLAB code until a Simulink simulation finishes, you can use the sim function along with the pause function. Here is an example:

% Start the Simulink simulation
simOut = sim('your_simulink_model');

% Pause the MATLAB code execution until the simulation finishes
while strcmp(simOut.getSimulationStatus, 'stopped') == 0
    pause(1); % Pause for 1 second before checking again

% Continue with the rest of your MATLAB code
disp('Simulation finished!');

In this example, the sim function is used to start the simulation of a Simulink model. The simOut variable stores the simulation output object, which can be used to check the status of the simulation.

The while loop checks the simulation status using the getSimulationStatus method of the simulation output object. The loop continues until the simulation status is "stopped", indicating that the simulation has finished.

The pause function is used within the loop to pause the MATLAB code execution for 1 second before checking the simulation status again. You can adjust the pause duration as needed.

Once the simulation finishes, the loop exits and the code continues with the rest of your MATLAB code. In this example, a simple message is displayed using the disp function to indicate that the simulation has finished.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.