matlab find roots of symbolic polynomial

To find the roots of a symbolic polynomial in MATLAB, you can use the solve function. Here's an example of how to use it:

syms x
eqn = x^2 - 4*x + 3 == 0;
sol = solve(eqn, x);

In this example, we define a symbolic variable x using the syms function. Then, we define the polynomial equation eqn using the symbolic variable x. Finally, we use the solve function to find the roots of the equation and store them in the variable sol.

You can replace the equation x^2 - 4*x + 3 == 0 with your own polynomial equation. The solve function will return the roots of the equation as a symbolic expression or a numeric value, depending on the input.

Please note that the solve function may not be able to find symbolic solutions for all polynomial equations. In such cases, it may return numeric approximations instead.