node pre gyp error

Troubleshooting "node-pre-gyp" Error in Node.js

  1. Check Node.js Version:
  2. Ensure that you have a supported version of Node.js for the package you are trying to install.

  3. Update Node.js:

  4. If necessary, update Node.js to a version compatible with the package.

  5. Install node-gyp:

  6. Install node-gyp globally using npm: bash npm install -g node-gyp

  7. Clean npm Cache:

  8. Clean the npm cache to avoid potential conflicts: bash npm cache clean --force

  9. Remove "node_modules" Directory:

  10. Remove the "node_modules" directory from your project: bash rm -rf node_modules

  11. Reinstall Dependencies:

  12. Reinstall the dependencies using npm: bash npm install

  13. Retry Installation:

  14. Retry installing the package that triggered the "node-pre-gyp" error.