what does results.push({}) nodejs mean

Explanation of results.push({}) in Node.js

In Node.js, results.push({}) is a code snippet that adds an empty object to an array called results. Let's break down the code and explain each step:

  1. results: This is an array that stores a collection of elements. In this case, it seems to be used to store some kind of results or data.

  2. push(): This is an array method in JavaScript that adds one or more elements to the end of an array. In this case, it is used to add a new element to the results array.

  3. {}: This is an empty object literal. It represents a new object with no properties or values.

By calling results.push({}), a new empty object is added to the results array. The array now contains this new object as one of its elements.

Please note that without further context or code, it is difficult to provide a more specific explanation of the purpose or significance of adding an empty object to the results array. The intention behind this code snippet may depend on the broader context of the program or the specific use case it is being used for.

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