react native Use of undeclared identifier 'SplashScreen'

In Objective-C, if you are encountering the error message "Use of undeclared identifier 'SplashScreen'" while working with React Native, it means that the compiler is unable to find a declaration for the identifier 'SplashScreen'.

To resolve this issue, you need to make sure that you have imported the necessary header file or framework that declares the 'SplashScreen' identifier. If you are using a third-party library or module, you may need to follow the specific instructions provided in the library's documentation to properly import and use the 'SplashScreen' identifier.

If you have already imported the necessary header file or framework, but you are still encountering the error, it is possible that the 'SplashScreen' identifier is not available in the current scope or context. In this case, you may need to check if you have correctly initialized or instantiated any required objects or variables before using the 'SplashScreen' identifier.

It's also worth noting that the exact solution may vary depending on the specific context and code you are working with. If you can provide more details or code snippets, I can provide more specific guidance.