rn Definition of 'MLKText' must be imported from module 'MLKitTextRecognitionCommon.MLKText' before it is required

To resolve the error message "Definition of 'MLKText' must be imported from module 'MLKitTextRecognitionCommon.MLKText' before it is required" in Objective-C, you need to import the 'MLKText' module from 'MLKitTextRecognitionCommon' before using the 'MLKText' definition.

To do this, you can add the following import statement at the top of your Objective-C file:

@import MLKitTextRecognitionCommon.MLKText;

This will import the 'MLKText' definition from the 'MLKitTextRecognitionCommon' module and make it available for use in your code.

Make sure that you have the necessary dependencies and frameworks properly configured in your project. If you are using Cocoapods, you may need to run pod install to ensure that the required dependencies are installed.

Once you have imported the 'MLKText' module, you should be able to use the 'MLKText' definition in your Objective-C code without encountering the error.