pascal length function

In Pascal, you can use the Length function to determine the length of a string. The Length function takes a string as input and returns the number of characters in that string. Here's an example of how to use the Length function:

program LengthExample;
  myString: string;
  len: Integer;
  myString := 'Hello, World!';
  len := Length(myString);
  writeln('The length of the string is: ', len);

In this example, the variable myString is assigned the value "Hello, World!" and the Length function is used to determine the length of the string. The result is then stored in the variable len. Finally, the length of the string is printed to the console using the writeln function.

When you run this program, the output will be:

The length of the string is: 13

This indicates that the string "Hello, World!" has a length of 13 characters.