pascal string manipulation

Pascal String Manipulation

To manipulate strings in Pascal, you can use various built-in functions and procedures. Some of the commonly used string manipulation operations in Pascal include:

1. Concatenation: To concatenate two strings, you can use the '+' operator or the Concat function.

2. Length: To find the length of a string, you can use the Length function.

3. Substring Extraction: To extract a substring from a string, you can use the Copy function.

4. Comparison: To compare two strings, you can use the comparison operators like '=', '<>', '<', '>', '<=', and '>='.

5. Search and Replace: Pascal does not have built-in functions for search and replace operations, but you can implement these functionalities using loops and conditional statements.

These are some of the basic string manipulation operations in Pascal. If you need further assistance with specific string manipulation tasks, feel free to ask for more details.