pascal cheat sheet for programmers

Sure! Here's a cheat sheet for Pascal programmers:

Data Types: - integer: represents whole numbers - real: represents floating-point numbers - boolean: represents true or false values - char: represents single characters - string: represents a sequence of characters

Variables: - Declare a variable: var variableName: dataType; - Assign a value to a variable: variableName := value; - Read input from user: ReadLn(variableName); - Display output: WriteLn(variableName);

Operators: - Arithmetic operators: +, -, *, /, div, mod - Comparison operators: =, <>, <, >, <=, >= - Logical operators: and, or, not

Conditional Statements: - If statement: if condition then statement else statement

Loops: - For loop: for variable := startValue to endValue do statement

  • While loop: while condition do statement

Arrays: - Declare an array: var arrayName: array[indexType] of dataType; - Access array elements: arrayName[index]

Procedures and Functions: - Declare a procedure: procedure procedureName(parameters); begin // code end;

  • Declare a function: function functionName(parameters): returnType; begin // code end;

File Handling: - Assign a file: Assign(fileVariable, fileName); - Open a file: Reset(fileVariable); - Close a file: Close(fileVariable); - Read from a file: Read(fileVariable, variableName); - Write to a file: Write(fileVariable, variableName);

This cheat sheet should provide you with a quick reference for common Pascal syntax and constructs. Remember to consult the official Pascal documentation for more detailed information and examples.