pascal const

In Pascal, the const keyword is used to declare constants. Constants are values that do not change throughout the execution of a program. The const keyword is followed by a list of constant declarations, each consisting of a name and a value. The name is an identifier that represents the constant, and the value is the actual value of the constant.

Here is an example of declaring constants in Pascal:

  PI = 3.14159;
  MAX_VALUE = 100;
  MESSAGE = 'Hello, World!';

In this example, PI is a constant with the value 3.14159, MAX_VALUE is a constant with the value 100, and MESSAGE is a constant with the value 'Hello, World!'.

Constants can be used in expressions just like variables, but their values cannot be modified once they are declared. They provide a way to give meaningful names to values that are used repeatedly in a program, making the code more readable and maintainable.

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