perl add to hash

To add an element to a hash in Perl, you can use the assignment operator (=>) to assign a value to a specific key in the hash. Here's an example:

my %hash = (
    key1 => 'value1',
    key2 => 'value2',

$hash{key3} = 'value3';  # Adding a new key-value pair to the hash

print %hash;  # Output: key1value1key2value2key3value3

In the example above, we first initialize a hash %hash with two key-value pairs. Then, we add a new key-value pair (key3 and value3) to the hash using the assignment operator (=). Finally, we print the hash, which will display all the key-value pairs.

Please note that the order of the key-value pairs may vary when printing the hash, as hashes in Perl do not preserve the order of insertion.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.