perl foreach loop

A Perl foreach loop is used to iterate over a list or array in Perl. It allows you to perform a specific action on each element of the list. Here is the syntax for a foreach loop in Perl:

foreach my $element (@array) {
    # code to be executed for each element

In the above syntax, $element is a scalar variable that represents each element of the array, and @array is the array that you want to iterate over. The code inside the loop will be executed for each element of the array.

Here's an example of how you can use a foreach loop in Perl:

my @fruits = ("apple", "banana", "orange");

foreach my $fruit (@fruits) {
    print "I like $fruit\n";


I like apple
I like banana
I like orange

In the above example, the foreach loop iterates over each element of the @fruits array and prints a statement for each fruit.

Please note that the code snippets provided above are based on my understanding of the topic, and the actual implementation may vary depending on your specific use case.