get string without ending in R

To get a string without ending in "R" using the R programming language, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by defining a string variable that contains the desired string.
  2. Use the substr() function to extract all characters from the string except for the last character.
  3. Assign the result of the substr() function to a new variable.
  4. Print or use the new variable to verify that the string no longer ends with "R".

Here's an example code snippet that demonstrates these steps:

# Step 1: Define the original string
original_string <- "Hello WorldR"

# Step 2: Remove the last character using substr()
new_string <- substr(original_string, 1, nchar(original_string)-1)

# Step 3: Print or use the new string

In this example, the original string is "Hello WorldR." After applying the substr() function, the new string will be "Hello World".