activerecord less than

To perform a "less than" query in Ruby using ActiveRecord, you can use the where method in combination with the < operator. Here is an example:

less_than_users = User.where("age < ?", 30)

Explanation of each step:

  1. User is the name of the ActiveRecord model representing the users table in the database.

  2. where is a method provided by ActiveRecord that allows you to specify conditions for querying records. It takes one or more arguments.

  3. "age < ?" is the condition for the query. In this case, we are looking for users whose age is less than 30. The ? is a placeholder that will be replaced with the actual value when the query is executed.

  4. 30 is the value that will be used to replace the ? placeholder in the query. It represents the upper limit for the age of the users we want to retrieve.

  5. The result of the query is assigned to the variable less_than_users.

By executing this code, you will get a collection of User objects that satisfy the condition "age < 30".