ruby trim spaces

To trim spaces in a Ruby string, you can use the strip method. Here is an explanation of the steps involved:

  1. Create a string: Start by creating a string variable that contains the text you want to trim. For example, you can create a string like this: text = " hello world ".

  2. Call the strip method: Next, call the strip method on the string variable. This method removes leading and trailing whitespace from the string. In our example, you would use trimmed_text = text.strip.

  3. Observe the result: The strip method will return a new string with the leading and trailing spaces removed. In our example, trimmed_text will contain the value "hello world".

It's important to note that the strip method does not modify the original string; it returns a new string with the trimmed version. If you want to modify the original string, you can use the strip! method instead (with an exclamation mark at the end), like this: text.strip!.

Here's an example that puts it all together:

text = "   hello world   "
trimmed_text = text.strip
puts trimmed_text

This will output:

hello world

That's it! You have successfully trimmed spaces from a Ruby string using the strip method.