ruby create CSV

# Step 1: Require the CSV module
require 'csv'

# Step 2: Define the data to be written to the CSV file
data = [
  ['Name', 'Age', 'City'],
  ['John Doe', 30, 'New York'],
  ['Jane Smith', 25, 'Los Angeles'],
  ['Bob Johnson', 35, 'Chicago']

# Step 3: Specify the CSV file path
csv_file_path = 'example.csv'

# Step 4: Open the CSV file for writing using the CSV module, 'w') do |csv|
  # Step 5: Write the data to the CSV file row by row
  data.each do |row|
    csv << row

# Step 6: Output a success message
puts "CSV file created successfully at #{csv_file_path}"