rails on_delete cascade not working

To troubleshoot the issue of on_delete cascade not working in Ruby on Rails, we need to go through the following steps:

  1. Check the Database Structure: Firstly, ensure that the database table has a foreign key constraint with the on_delete cascade option. You can verify this by inspecting the table structure or running a database query to view the foreign key constraints.

  2. Confirm Database Support: Make sure that the database you are using supports cascading deletes. Not all databases have native support for cascading deletes, so it's crucial to verify that your database supports this feature. For example, PostgreSQL and MySQL support cascading deletes, while SQLite does not.

  3. Verify ActiveRecord Associations: In Ruby on Rails, the on_delete cascade behavior is typically defined in the ActiveRecord associations. Check the associations in your model files and ensure that the dependent: :destroy or dependent: :delete_all option is set correctly.

  4. Validate Correct Association: Confirm that the association is correctly defined between the models involved. Ensure that the foreign key is properly set in the associated model and that the association type (e.g., belongs_to, has_many) is correct.

  5. Test the Cascading Delete: Create a test case to validate whether the cascading delete is working as expected. This test case should involve deleting a record that has associated records. Check if the associated records are also deleted automatically.

  6. Debugging and Logging: If the issue persists, enable debugging and logging in your Rails application. This will provide detailed information about the SQL queries being executed and any errors that might occur during the cascading delete process.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue with on_delete cascade not working in your Ruby on Rails application. Remember to consult the relevant documentation and resources for further assistance specific to your database and Rails version.