rails column datetime

rails generate migration AddTimestampsToTableName created_at:datetime updated_at:datetime
  1. rails generate migration: This command generates a new migration file for making changes to the database schema.

  2. AddTimestampsToTableName: The name of the migration file, following the convention of adding timestamps to a specific table. Replace TableName with the actual name of the table you want to modify.

  3. created_at:datetime updated_at:datetime: Specifies two columns, created_at and updated_at, with the data type datetime. These columns are automatically managed by Rails to track when a record is created or updated.

  4. After running this migration and applying it to the database (rails db:migrate), the specified table will have created_at and updated_at columns added to it, allowing Rails to automatically update these fields whenever a new record is created or an existing record is updated.