grails 3 cron jobs

To create cron jobs in Grails 3 using Ruby, you can follow these steps:

  1. Add the quartz plugin to your build.gradle file by including the following line in the dependencies block:

compile "org.quartz-scheduler:quartz:2.3.0"

  1. Create a new job class that extends the grails.plugins.quartz.GrailsJobFactoryBean class. This class should implement the executeJob() method, which will be called when the job is triggered. For example:

ruby class MyJob extends grails.plugins.quartz.GrailsJobFactoryBean { def executeJob(JobExecutionContext context) { // Your job logic here } }

  1. Register your job class in the resources.groovy file by adding the following code:

ruby beans = { myJob(MyJob) }

  1. Configure the cron trigger for your job in the application.yml file. You can specify the cron expression using the cronExpression property. For example:

yaml grails: quartz: autoStartup: true jobs: myJob: cronExpression: "0 0/5 * ?" # Runs every 5 minutes

You can adjust the cron expression to match your desired schedule.

  1. Start your Grails application. The cron job will automatically be scheduled and executed based on the specified cron expression.

By following these steps, you can create cron jobs in Grails 3 using Ruby.