how to know current schema database in rails

Finding the Current Schema Database in Rails

To find the current schema database in Rails, you can use the following command:

rails db:schema:dump

This command will generate a db/schema.rb file that represents the current state of the database. It's a Ruby script that defines your database schema using ActiveRecord's migration methods.

After running this command, you can find the schema file in the db directory of your Rails application.


The rails db:schema:dump command is used to dump the current database schema to a file. This file is a representation of the database schema in Ruby code, and it can be used to recreate the database structure. The schema file is created based on the migrations that have been run on the database.

The db/schema.rb file is a Ruby script that contains the database schema definition using ActiveRecord's migration methods. It includes information about the tables, columns, indexes, and constraints in the database.

By running this command, you can easily access and review the current database schema, which can be helpful for understanding the structure of the database and for versioning the database schema along with your application code.