liquid add date

To add the current date in Ruby using the Liquid template language, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import the required Liquid filters: Ensure that you have the necessary Liquid filters imported to work with dates. The specific filters may vary depending on the Liquid implementation you are using.

  2. Retrieve the current date: Use the appropriate Liquid filter to retrieve the current date. The filter might be called something like date, now, or today. Check the documentation for the Liquid implementation you are using to find the correct filter.

  3. Format the date: Apply the desired formatting to the date output. This step is optional and depends on your specific requirements. You can use various formatting options provided by the Liquid implementation to customize the date output. Common formatting options include date formats like YYYY-MM-DD or DD/MM/YYYY, as well as time formats like HH:mm:ss.

  4. Output the date: Finally, output the formatted date to the desired location in your Liquid template. This could be within an HTML tag, a variable assignment, or any other appropriate context within your template.

Remember to consult the specific documentation for the Liquid implementation you are using for more detailed information on the available filters and formatting options.