Formula Cookbook]( and [Ruby Style Guide](

The Formula Cookbook is a resource provided by Homebrew, a package manager for macOS. It provides guidelines and examples for creating formulae, which are the recipes for installing software packages using Homebrew. The cookbook covers various aspects of creating formulae, including dependencies, options, patches, and testing.

The Ruby Style Guide, on the other hand, is a set of guidelines for writing Ruby code. It provides recommendations for formatting, naming conventions, code organization, and other best practices. Following the style guide helps ensure that Ruby code is consistent, readable, and maintainable.

Both resources are valuable references for Ruby developers. The Formula Cookbook helps developers create formulae that can be easily installed and managed using Homebrew, while the Ruby Style Guide helps developers write clean and idiomatic Ruby code.

By referring to the Formula Cookbook and the Ruby Style Guide, developers can ensure that they are following best practices and conventions when creating formulae and writing Ruby code. This can lead to more maintainable and efficient code, as well as a smoother installation and management process for software packages.