random datetime ruby

require 'date'

start_date = Date.parse('2023-01-01')
end_date = Date.parse('2023-12-31')

random_date = start_date + rand(end_date - start_date)
puts random_date
  1. require 'date': Imports the Date class from the Ruby standard library, allowing for date manipulation.

  2. start_date = Date.parse('2023-01-01'): Initializes a variable start_date with a specific date, January 1, 2023, by parsing the string into a Date object.

  3. end_date = Date.parse('2023-12-31'): Initializes a variable end_date with another specific date, December 31, 2023, by parsing the string into a Date object.

  4. random_date = start_date + rand(end_date - start_date): Generates a random number of days between start_date and end_date using rand. This number represents the days to be added to start_date to get a random date within the specified range.

  5. puts random_date: Outputs the randomly generated date to the console.