rust option get value

To get the value of an option in Rust, you can use the Option::unwrap method. This method returns the value inside the Some variant of the Option if it exists, and panics if the Option is None. Here's an example:

fn main() {
    let option_value: Option<i32> = Some(42);
    let unwrapped_value = option_value.unwrap();
    println!("The unwrapped value is: {}", unwrapped_value);

In this example, option_value is an Option that contains the value 42. By calling unwrap on option_value, we extract the value 42 from the Some variant and assign it to unwrapped_value. Finally, we print the unwrapped value, which will output The unwrapped value is: 42.

It's important to note that using unwrap can lead to a panic if the Option is None. If you want to handle the case where the Option is None without panicking, you can use methods like Option::expect or Option::map to provide custom error handling or perform operations on the value.