how to exit the program rust

To exit a program in Rust, you can use the std::process::exit function. The exit function terminates the current process and returns the specified exit code to the operating system.

Here's an example of how you can use std::process::exit to exit a Rust program:

use std::process;

fn main() {
    // Perform some operations...

    // Exit the program with exit code 0

In the above example, the main function performs some operations, and then the process::exit(0) statement is used to terminate the program with an exit code of 0.

You can replace the 0 with any other exit code you want to return to the operating system. By convention, an exit code of 0 typically indicates successful program execution, while non-zero exit codes indicate errors or abnormal termination.

Keep in mind that when you use std::process::exit, it immediately terminates the program without running any destructors or cleanup code. Make sure to handle any necessary cleanup operations before calling exit if needed.