armanriazi substrate call dispatchable func#ensure_signed#frame_system

The language you mentioned is Rust. In Rust, the substrate crate is used for developing blockchain applications. The call module in the substrate crate provides a way to define dispatchable functions, which are functions that can be called from outside the blockchain. The dispatchable macro is used to define these functions.

The func attribute is used to specify the function that should be called when the dispatchable function is invoked. The ensure_signed function is often used in dispatchable functions to ensure that the caller of the function is a valid signer. This function checks if the transaction is signed by an account.

The frame_system module is a part of the substrate framework and provides basic system functionality, such as dealing with accounts, balances, and timestamps. It is often used in conjunction with other modules to build more complex blockchain applications.

If you have any further questions or need clarification on any of these topics, feel free to ask.