rust armanazi refactor flowcontrol match unwrap_or_else

Language: Rust

To refactor flow control using the match statement in Rust, you can use the unwrap_or_else method. Here's an example:

fn main() {
    let result = Some(5);

    let value = match result {
        Some(num) => num,
        None => {
            // Handle the None case here

    println!("Value: {}", value);

In this example, we have a result variable of type Option<i32>. We use the match statement to handle both the Some and None cases. If result is Some, we assign the value to the num variable. If result is None, we provide a default value of 0.

The unwrap_or_else method is used to handle the None case. It takes a closure as an argument, which is executed when the Option is None. In this case, we simply return 0.

Finally, we print the value of value, which will be either the value from Some or the default value of 0 if result is None.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.