hashset scala

In Scala, the HashSet class is a commonly used collection that implements an unordered set of elements. It is part of the Scala standard library and provides efficient operations for adding, removing, and checking membership of elements.

To use HashSet in Scala, you first need to import it from the scala.collection.mutable package:

import scala.collection.mutable.HashSet

Then, you can create an instance of HashSet and add elements to it using the += operator:

val set = HashSet("apple", "banana", "orange")
set += "grape"

You can also remove elements from the set using the -= operator:

set -= "banana"

To check if an element is present in the set, you can use the contains method:

val containsOrange = set.contains("orange")

The HashSet class in Scala provides a fast lookup time for checking membership and efficient addition and removal of elements. It is implemented using a hash table data structure, which allows for constant-time complexity on average for these operations.

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