scala get set of chars from string

To get a set of characters from a string in Scala, you can convert the string to a sequence of characters and then convert it to a set. Here's an example:

val str = "Hello, World!"
val charSet = str.toSeq.toSet

In this example, the toSeq method converts the string str into a sequence of characters, and the toSet method then converts the sequence into a set of characters. The resulting charSet will contain all unique characters from the original string.

You can also use the distinct method directly on the string to get a set of distinct characters:

val str = "Hello, World!"
val charSet = str.distinct.toSet

In this case, the distinct method returns a new string that contains only the distinct characters from the original string, and then the toSet method converts it into a set.

Either approach will give you a set of characters from the string.