scala string to boolean

To convert a string to a boolean in Scala, you can use the toBoolean method provided by the String class. The toBoolean method returns true if the string represents a boolean value of "true" (ignoring case), and false for any other string value.

Here's an example:

val str = "true"
val bool = str.toBoolean

In this example, the variable str holds the string value "true". By calling the toBoolean method on str, we convert it to a boolean value and assign it to the variable bool. In this case, bool will be assigned the value true.

If the string value is not a valid boolean representation, the toBoolean method will throw a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException.

val str = "hello"
val bool = str.toBoolean // This will throw an IllegalArgumentException

It's important to note that the toBoolean method only recognizes the string values "true" and "false" (ignoring case) as valid boolean representations. Any other string value will result in an exception being thrown.