constructor in solidity

Solidity Constructor

In Solidity, a constructor is a special function that is automatically executed when a contract is created. It is used to initialize the state variables of the contract. The constructor has the same name as the contract and does not have a return type.

Here is an example of a constructor in Solidity:

pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

contract MyContract {
    uint public myVariable;

    constructor(uint initialValue) {
        myVariable = initialValue;

In the above example, the constructor takes an initialValue parameter and assigns it to the myVariable state variable. When the contract is deployed, the constructor is called with the specified initial value.

Please note that in Solidity versions prior to 0.8.0, the constructor function had the same name as the contract. However, starting from Solidity 0.8.0, the constructor is explicitly defined using the constructor keyword.