solidity array of struct

Solidity Array of Struct

In Solidity, a struct is declared with a name and then given a block. Inside that block, you declare the data type and then the data name. For example, you can declare an unsigned integer named numExample, another unsigned integer named anotherNumber, and a string type named stringExample. Solidity is explicit about its data types and their declaration [1].

If you want to work with an array of structs in Solidity, you can declare an array of a specific struct type. Here's an example:

struct Example {
  uint numExample;
  uint anotherNumber;
  string stringExample;

Example[] public examples;

In this example, Example is a struct type, and examples is an array of Example structs. You can then interact with this array as needed in your Solidity smart contract.

If you have any specific use case or need further assistance, feel free to ask for more details.