add image in loggin view spring boot security

To add an image in the login view using Spring Boot Security, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder called "static" in the "resources" directory of your Spring Boot project. This folder is used to store static resources like images.

  2. Place your image file in the "static" folder. Make sure the image file has a suitable name, such as "login-image.jpg" or "login-image.png".

  3. Open the login HTML file in your project. This file is usually named "login.html" or "login.jsp" and is located in the "templates" or "views" directory.

  4. Locate the HTML element where you want to display the image. This could be a

    element or an element.

  5. Add the appropriate HTML code to display the image. For example, if using an element, you can use the following code: html <img src="/login-image.jpg" alt="Login Image"> The "src" attribute should point to the relative path of the image file in the "static" folder. Adjust the image file name and extension accordingly.

  6. Save the changes to the login HTML file.

  7. Run your Spring Boot application and navigate to the login page in your web browser. The image should now be displayed in the login view.

These steps allow you to add an image to the login view using Spring Boot Security. Ensure that the image file is in the correct location and that the HTML code references the correct path to the image file.