Failed to instantiate [org.springframework.boot.web.servlet.ServletRegistrationBean]: Factory method 'h2Console'

The error message you're encountering, Failed to instantiate [org.springframework.boot.web.servlet.ServletRegistrationBean]: Factory method 'h2Console', typically occurs when there's an issue with instantiating a bean related to the H2 console in a Spring Boot application.

  1. Bean Instantiation: This error suggests a problem with creating an instance of a bean (ServletRegistrationBean) used for the H2 console setup.

  2. Factory Method 'h2Console': The factory method named 'h2Console' is likely responsible for creating or configuring the bean instance.

To resolve this issue, consider these steps:

  • Check Configuration: Review the configuration related to the H2 console in your Spring Boot application.

  • Bean Definition: Ensure that the bean definition for the ServletRegistrationBean associated with the H2 console is correctly specified.

  • Bean Creation Method: Verify the factory method 'h2Console' responsible for creating the ServletRegistrationBean. Ensure it's properly implemented and accessible.

  • Dependencies & Imports: Check if all necessary dependencies are correctly imported in your project, especially related to Spring Boot and the H2 database.

  • Debugging: Debug your application to trace the exact point where this instantiation issue is occurring. Examine logs or error messages for more specific details about the failure.

By systematically examining these areas, you can pinpoint and address the problem causing the instantiation failure for the ServletRegistrationBean related to the H2 console in your Spring application.