org.springframework.orm.jpa.EntityManagerHolder cannot be cast to org.springframework.orm.hibernate5.SessionHolder

  1. The error occurs when attempting to cast an EntityManagerHolder to a SessionHolder.
  2. The reason behind this error lies in the incompatible types of the two classes: EntityManagerHolder is specific to JPA (Java Persistence API), while SessionHolder is specific to Hibernate.
  3. The casting operation is invalid because the two classes are not related through inheritance or interface implementation.
  4. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to use the appropriate holder class based on the underlying persistence provider being used – either EntityManagerHolder for JPA or SessionHolder for Hibernate.
  5. Check the configuration and code to ensure that the correct classes are being used in the respective scenarios, and make the necessary adjustments to align with the chosen persistence provider.
  6. It is important to verify that the application is consistent in its usage of either JPA or Hibernate throughout the codebase, avoiding mixing the two persistence technologies in a way that leads to incompatible class types.
  7. If transitioning between JPA and Hibernate, update the relevant sections of the codebase to accommodate the changes in the holder classes.
  8. Additionally, consider reviewing the Spring configuration to ensure that the appropriate beans are being instantiated and injected based on the chosen persistence provider.
  9. Address any discrepancies in the application's use of JPA and Hibernate to prevent further casting issues and ensure proper integration with the selected persistence technology.