spring boot access images in resources folder

To access images in the resources folder of a Spring Boot application, follow these steps:

  1. Create a directory named "resources" under the "src/main" directory of your project. This is where you will store your images.

  2. Add your images to the "resources" directory. Make sure the images are in a supported format, such as PNG or JPEG.

  3. In your Java code, you can access the images using the following syntax:

java ClassPathResource resource = new ClassPathResource("images/myimage.jpg"); InputStream inputStream = resource.getInputStream();

Replace "images/myimage.jpg" with the relative path to your image file within the "resources" directory.

  1. If you need to serve the images through a web endpoint, you can use the following code:

java @GetMapping("/images/{imageName:.+}") @ResponseBody public ResponseEntity<Resource> getImage(@PathVariable String imageName) throws IOException { ClassPathResource resource = new ClassPathResource("images/" + imageName); return ResponseEntity.ok() .contentType(MediaType.IMAGE_JPEG) .body(new InputStreamResource(resource.getInputStream())); }

This code maps the "/images/{imageName:.+}" URL pattern to a method that retrieves the image from the "resources" directory and serves it as a response. The image name is captured from the URL path and appended to the "images/" directory.

  1. To access the image through the web endpoint, you can use a URL like "/images/myimage.jpg" in your HTML or other client-side code.

These steps should allow you to access images stored in the resources folder of your Spring Boot application.