spring boot jpa in clause

Using the IN Clause with Spring Boot JPA

  1. Define the Repository Method

Define a method in the repository interface using the @Query annotation and JPQL to specify the IN clause.

java @Repository public interface YourEntityRepository extends JpaRepository<YourEntity, Long> { @Query("SELECT e FROM YourEntity e WHERE e.someAttribute IN :values") List<YourEntity> findBySomeAttributeIn(@Param("values") List<String> values); }

  1. Invoke the Repository Method

Invoke the method defined in the repository interface, passing the list of values for the IN clause.

java List<YourEntity> result = yourEntityRepository.findBySomeAttributeIn(Arrays.asList("value1", "value2", "value3"));

This allows you to use the IN clause with Spring Boot JPA to retrieve entities based on a list of values for a specific attribute.