spring security default username

  1. In a Spring Security default configuration, the default username parameter is "username."
  2. This default is defined by the UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter, which is a part of Spring Security.
  3. The UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter looks for the username parameter in the HTTP request's form parameters.
  4. The default login form generated by Spring Security's login page also uses the "username" parameter for the username input field.
  5. If you are customizing your login form, ensure that the input field for the username has the name attribute set to "username" so that it aligns with the default configuration.
  6. It's possible to change the default username parameter by configuring the UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter with a custom parameter name using the setUsernameParameter(String usernameParameter) method.
  7. An example of configuring a custom parameter name in a Spring Security configuration class:

java @Override protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception { http .formLogin() .usernameParameter("customUsernameParameter") // other configurations .and() // other security configurations }

In this example, the custom parameter name is set to "customUsernameParameter."

  1. When using a custom parameter name, ensure that your login form aligns with the configured parameter name for the username input field.