spring security not going to logout success urk

  1. Ensure Spring Security Dependency: Verify that the Spring Security dependency is included in the project's build configuration.

  2. Configure Security Configuration Class: Create a class that extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter and override the configure method to configure authentication and authorization settings.

  3. Configure Logout Handling: In the security configuration class, use the logout method to customize logout behavior. Set the logout URL and configure logout success URL using the logoutSuccessUrl method.

  4. Implement Logout Controller: Create a controller method mapped to the logout URL configured in the security settings. This method should handle the logout logic, including invalidating the session and redirecting to the specified logout success URL.

  5. Update HTML/Thymeleaf Templates: If using Thymeleaf or other template engines, ensure that the logout link in the HTML templates points to the configured logout URL.

  6. Test Logout Functionality: Verify the logout functionality by logging in and clicking the logout link. Ensure that the user is logged out, and the redirection to the specified logout success URL occurs.

  7. Check Security Configuration: Double-check the overall security configuration to ensure there are no conflicting settings or interceptors affecting the logout process.

  8. Debugging: If the logout success URL is not being redirected as expected, use debugging tools to inspect the request, security filters, and any error messages in the logs.

  9. Clear Browser Cookies: In some cases, browser cookies may interfere with the logout process. Clear browser cookies and test the logout functionality again.

  10. Review Spring Security Documentation: Refer to the official Spring Security documentation for any updates or additional details related to logout configuration and troubleshooting.