springboot getting body value

To get the body value in a Spring Boot application, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a RequestBody - In your controller method, you need to annotate the parameter with @RequestBody. This allows Spring to automatically map the incoming request body to the parameter.

  2. Define the Request Mapping - Use the @RequestMapping annotation to specify the endpoint URL and the HTTP method for the controller method.

  3. Handle the Request - In the controller method, you can access the body value by using the annotated parameter.

Here's an example that demonstrates these steps:

public class MyController {

    public ResponseEntity<String> handleRequest(@RequestBody MyRequest requestBody) {
        // Access the body value
        String bodyValue = requestBody.getBodyValue();

        // Process the body value
        // ...

        return ResponseEntity.ok("Success");

In this example, the handleRequest method is annotated with @PostMapping("/example"), which means it will handle POST requests to the "/example" endpoint. The @RequestBody annotation is used to bind the incoming request body to the MyRequest object.

The MyRequest class could be defined as follows:

public class MyRequest {
    private String bodyValue;

    public String getBodyValue() {
        return bodyValue;

    public void setBodyValue(String bodyValue) {
        this.bodyValue = bodyValue;

In this example, the MyRequest class has a bodyValue field with getter and setter methods. When a POST request is made to the "/example" endpoint with a JSON body like {"bodyValue": "Hello"}, Spring will automatically map the JSON value to the bodyValue field in the MyRequest object.

By accessing requestBody.getBodyValue() in the controller method, you can retrieve the body value sent in the request.

This is a brief explanation of how to get the body value in a Spring Boot application. Let me know if you need any further assistance!