viewresolver in spring boot

The ViewResolver in Spring Boot is responsible for resolving views based on the view name returned from the controller. It determines the actual view to be rendered and returns it to the DispatcherServlet for processing.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how the ViewResolver works in Spring Boot:

  1. The DispatcherServlet receives a request and identifies the appropriate controller to handle it based on the request URL and mapping configurations.

  2. The controller processes the request and returns a logical view name as a String. This logical view name is typically the name of the view file without any file extension.

  3. The DispatcherServlet then passes this logical view name to the ViewResolver for resolution.

  4. The ViewResolver uses a set of predefined rules to determine the actual view file corresponding to the logical view name. It may use a specific naming convention or configuration to locate the view file.

  5. Once the ViewResolver identifies the view file, it returns an instance of a View implementation. This View implementation is responsible for rendering the final HTML content and sending it back to the client.

  6. The DispatcherServlet then uses the returned View to render the view and generate the final response. It passes the appropriate model data to the View, which is then used to populate the dynamic content in the view file.

  7. The rendered HTML content is then sent back to the client as the response.

Overall, the ViewResolver in Spring Boot plays a crucial role in the request processing flow by resolving the logical view name to an actual view file and returning it for rendering. It helps in separating the controller logic from the view rendering, making the code more modular and maintainable.