spring boot format date

To format a date in Spring Boot, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import the necessary dependencies: Make sure you have the required dependencies in your project. You will need the Spring Boot Starter Web and Spring Boot Starter Thymeleaf dependencies. You can add them to your pom.xml file if you are using Maven, or to your build.gradle file if you are using Gradle.

  2. Create a Date object: Use the java.util.Date class to create a Date object that represents the date you want to format.

  3. Configure the date format: In your Spring Boot application, you can configure the date format by using the @Configuration annotation and creating a bean of type org.springframework.format.Formatter. You can implement the Formatter interface and override the parse() and print() methods to define your custom date format. Alternatively, you can use the @DateTimeFormat annotation on a method parameter or field to specify the desired format directly.

  4. Use the formatted date: Once you have configured the date format, you can use it in your application. You can pass the Date object to a Thymeleaf template or use it in your controller to display the formatted date.

Remember to adjust the date format as per your requirements.