mysql template for spring boot

// Step 1: Add the MySQL dependency in the 'pom.xml' file.
    <version>8.0.23</version> <!-- Use the latest version -->

// Step 2: Configure the database properties in '' or 'application.yml'.

// Step 3: Create a JPA Entity representing your database table.
@Table(name = "your_table_name")
public class YourEntity {
    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)
    private Long id;

    // Add other fields and annotations as needed

// Step 4: Create a JpaRepository interface for your entity.
public interface YourEntityRepository extends JpaRepository<YourEntity, Long> {
    // Add custom queries if necessary

// Step 5: Use the repository in your service or controller.
private YourEntityRepository yourEntityRepository;

// Step 6: Perform database operations using the repository.
YourEntity entity = new YourEntity();
// Set entity fields;
List<YourEntity> entities = yourEntityRepository.findAll();
YourEntity retrievedEntity = yourEntityRepository.findById(1L).orElse(null);

Make sure to replace placeholders like "your_database_name," "your_username," "your_password," "your_table_name," and adapt the entity and repository according to your specific use case.