spring boot param object

To use Spring Boot param objects, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Java class that represents the object you want to use as a parameter in your Spring Boot application. This class should have private fields with corresponding getters and setters for each attribute.

  2. Annotate the class with the @RequestBody annotation to indicate that this object will be used as a request body parameter.

  3. In your controller method, specify the object as a parameter and annotate it with the @RequestBody annotation as well. This will indicate that the parameter should be mapped from the request body.

  4. When making a request to your controller method, ensure that the request body contains the necessary attributes and their values in the appropriate format.

  5. Spring Boot will automatically map the request body to the corresponding parameter object based on the attribute names and types.

  6. Use the parameter object as needed within your controller method to carry out the desired functionality.

  7. Spring Boot will handle the serialization and deserialization of the parameter object, allowing you to easily work with JSON or other request formats.

By following these steps, you can effectively use Spring Boot param objects in your application.