actuator spring boot

Step 1: Open the build file (typically, build.gradle) and add the Spring Boot Actuator dependency:

dependencies {
    implementation 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-actuator'

Step 2: Configure Actuator endpoints in the or application.yml file:


Step 3: Optionally, customize Actuator endpoints by specifying properties in the or application.yml file. For example, to customize the health endpoint:

Step 4: Run the Spring Boot application. Actuator endpoints are now accessible.

Step 5: Access Actuator endpoints. For instance, the health endpoint can be accessed at:


Step 6: Secure Actuator endpoints (optional). If security is a concern, configure security settings in the or application.yml file. For example:

Step 7: Build and package the application. If you're using Gradle, run:

./gradlew build

If you're using Maven, run:

./mvnw clean package

Step 8: Run the packaged application:

java -jar your-application.jar

Actuator endpoints are now available in the running application. Access them as in Step 5.

Note: The provided steps assume a Gradle-based project. If using Maven, the syntax for Step 1 and Step 7 may differ. Adjust accordingly.