accessing state in nuxt vuex

To access the state in Nuxt.js Vuex, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import the mapState helper function from the vuex package. This function will allow you to map the state properties to your component's computed properties.

  2. In your component, create a computed property using the mapState function. This function takes an array of strings or an object as an argument.

  3. If you pass an array of strings, each string should be a name of a state property you want to access. For example: computed: mapState(['counter', 'user']). This will create computed properties named counter and user that are mapped to the corresponding state properties.

  4. If you pass an object to the mapState function, the keys of the object should be the names of your computed properties, and the values should be functions that return the corresponding state properties. For example: computed: mapState({ count: state => state.counter }). This will create a computed property named count that is mapped to the counter state property.

  5. Once you have defined your computed properties using the mapState function, you can access them in your component's template as if they were regular computed properties.

That's it! Now you should be able to access the state in Nuxt.js Vuex using the mapState helper function.