multiple js files vuejs

To use multiple JavaScript files in Vue.js, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create separate .js files: Start by creating separate .js files for each module or component you want to include in your Vue application. These files will contain the JavaScript code for each module.

  2. Export the components: In each .js file, you need to export the Vue components or modules that you want to use in your application. You can use the export keyword to export the components.

  3. Import the components: In the main JavaScript file of your Vue application (usually named main.js or app.js), you need to import the components from the separate .js files. You can use the import keyword to import the components.

  4. Register the components: After importing the components, you need to register them with Vue. Use the Vue.component() method to register each component. The first argument is the name of the component, and the second argument is the imported component itself.

  5. Mount the Vue instance: Finally, you need to mount the Vue instance to a specific element in your HTML file. Use the new Vue() constructor to create a new Vue instance and pass in the el property to specify the element to mount to.

That's it! Now you can use the components defined in the separate .js files in your Vue application.