rust zola vuejs

  1. Create a new Zola site:bash zola init my_vue_project

  2. Navigate to the project directory:bash cd my_vue_project

  3. Add Vue.js to your project using npm:bash npm install vue

  4. Create a new Vue.js component:bash mkdir src/components touch src/components/MyVueComponent.vue

  5. Edit the Vue.js component (src/components/MyVueComponent.vue): ```vue


  1. Create a Zola template to embed Vue component (templates/index.html): ```html


  1. Create a Zola page (content/ ```markdown +++ title = "Home" +++

Welcome to my Zola + Vue.js project! ```

  1. Create a Zola main page script (src/main.js): ```javascript import Vue from 'vue' import MyVueComponent from './components/MyVueComponent.vue'

new Vue({ el: '#app', components: { MyVueComponent }, template: '' }) ```

  1. Build the Zola site:bash zola build

  2. Serve the Zola site:bash zola serve

  3. View the site in your browser: Open your browser and go to to see the Zola site with embedded Vue.js component.