vue get key inside component

    <p>{{ keyValue }}</p>

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      keyValue: null
  mounted() {
    // Assuming you have a prop named 'keyProp' passed to this component
    this.keyValue = this.$props.keyProp;

This Vue component consists of a template with a paragraph (<p>) element that displays the value of the keyValue property. The keyValue property is initially set to null in the component's data function.

In the mounted lifecycle hook, the component sets the keyValue property by accessing the prop named keyProp that is assumed to be passed to this component. The mounted hook is called after the component has been inserted into the DOM, making it a suitable place to perform actions that require access to the DOM or external data.

Note: Make sure to replace keyProp with the actual prop name you are using in your application.