vue js tutorial csv import

  1. Install papaparse library using npm:
npm install papaparse
  1. Import Papa object from papaparse in your Vue component:
import Papa from 'papaparse';
  1. Add a file input in your template for CSV file selection:
    <input type="file" @change="handleFileUpload" />
  1. Add a method to handle file upload and parse CSV data:
methods: {
  handleFileUpload(event) {
    const file =[0];
    if (file) {
      Papa.parse(file, {
        complete: this.handleCSVData,
        header: true,
  handleCSVData(result) {
    // Access CSV data in
  1. Customize the handleCSVData method to suit your application logic. The parsed CSV data is available in

Note: Adjust the template and methods based on your specific requirements. This example assumes a basic setup for CSV import in a Vue.js component using the papaparse library.